Rigby Rising Bite .450/400 Black Powder Double Rifle - Second Hand

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A rare opportunity to own a remarkable piece of Rigby history with this exciting second hand Underlever Rigby Rising Bite 450/400 Black Powder Double Rifle, a collectors dream some would say. This remarkable firearm encapsulates the essence of a bygone era, offering a unique blend of tradition, power, and precision.

The Rigby Rising Bite 450/400 Black Powder Double Rifle stands as a testament to Rigby's unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to excellence. This rifle's caliber, 450/400, holds a legendary status among firearms enthusiasts, as it strikes the perfect balance between stopping power and versatility. The utilization of black powder technology in this rifle adds an extra layer of authenticity and nostalgia. Black powder, known for its distinctive smoke and thunderous report, transports you back to a time when hunting was an art form and rifles were cherished companions on grand expeditions.

The heart of this rifle lies in its Rising Bite action, an iconic feature of Rigby rifles. This time-honored mechanism ensures smooth operation, enhanced reliability, and superb accuracy. Every time you engage the action, you'll feel the harmonious interplay of tradition and innovation, a testament to Rigby's unwavering commitment to excellence. It features a push forward underlever style break action which makes reloading a breeze, essential in those tense hunting moments.

The 450/400 caliber offers remarkable versatility in the field. Whether you're pursuing dangerous game on the plains or stalking elusive prey in dense forests, this rifle is designed to deliver the stopping power needed for a successful hunt. Its well-balanced design, ergonomic grip, and finely tuned trigger provide an unparalleled shooting experience, allowing you to take aim with unwavering confidence.

As a second-hand rifle, this Rigby Rising Bite bears the unique marks and patina that come with a storied history, telling tales of past adventures, making this rifle not just a powerful tool but a cherished firearm in its own right. Owning this rifle is akin to owning a piece of history—a connection to the intrepid hunters and explorers who came before.

Join us on a journey into the past as we celebrate the craftsmanship, power, and enduring allure of the Second Hand Rigby Rising Bite 450/400 Black Powder Double Rifle. Discover its legacy, admire its intricate details, and relish the opportunity to own a piece of Rigby history. To arrange a visit to our Gunroom to view this rifle, please CLICK HERE to contact us.

Serial No. - 15630
Calibre - .450/400
Black Powder Rifle
Barrel Length - 26"
Action - Rising Bite Double Rifle Break Action
Trigger - Double
Stock - High grade walnut stock with chequer engraved butt plate.
Length of Pull - 14 3/4"
Weight - 3.7kg (8lbs 2-1/2oz)
Engraving - Tradtional Rigby scroll with "John Rigby & Co. Dublin & London" engraved on top rib.
Overall Condition - Very Good
Bore Condition - Very Good
Manufacture Date -