The Rising Bite Shotgun

After a break in production of over 100 years, John Rigby & Co. has recommenced production of their iconic Rising Bite shotgun. Just like its rifle counterpart, the shotgun is characterised by the unique Rigby patent Rising Bite action, well regarded for its strength.

Built in London by Rigby’s skilled team of gunmakers under the direction of the firm’s Rising Bite executive, the shotgun honours Rigby’s proven designs of the past and offers a distinctive alternative for the discerning game shot.

The first new pair of 12-bore Rising Bite shotguns were unveiled at Safari Club International (SCI) Convention in January 2019, at the same event where four years prior Rigby’s Rising Bite double rifle was also unveiled. After two years in production, the first pair of Rigby Rising Bite shotguns were displayed to the public, before being delivered to their owner. They feature exquisite engravings of birds in flight by engraver Geoffrey Lignon, with supporting Rigby scroll engraving.

Find out more about the beautiful Rigby Rising Bite Shotgun below.