Rigby Falling Block Rifle - .350 Rigby

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A living testament to the enduring allure of traditional guns, the Rigby Falling Block rifle heralds the revival of a legacy. With a heritage rooted in the late Victorian era, this masterpiece captures the very essence of the innovation and craftsmanship that once defined Farquharson rifles of yesteryear.

After three years in the making, the rifle is built around a true Farquharson action, identical to the original patented John Farquharson design of 1875 and a strong match to the historic Rigby-made Farquharson rifles in the company’s historic ledger books, allowing hunting enthusiasts to delve into the golden age of hunting, while embracing the advancements of the modern day.

Available in a number of popular hunting calibres, each Falling Block rifle includes Rigby pattern iron sights, a choice of grade seven Turkish walnut, a custom stock fitting and silver oval inlayed into the stock engraved with initials. A stippled top to rib and sight blocks, London Best standard engraving, gold line on rear sight, London Best barrel black and oil finish and a colour case hardened grip cap. Numerous upgrade options are available.

Calibre - .350 Rigby

Each model includes:

  • Rigby pattern iron sights
  • Choice of grade 7 Turkish walnut stock blank
  • Custom stock fitting
  • Silver oval in stock, engraved with initials
  • Stippled top to rib and sight blocks
  • ‘London Best’ standard engraving
  • Gold line on rear sight
  • ‘London Best’ barrel black and oil finish
  • Colour case hardened grip cap.